Tuesday, October 04, 2022

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A new production of Polly Teale's Jane Eyre adaptation opens today, October 4 in Hereford UK
Courtyard Hereford Productions presents
By Charlotte Brontë
Adapted by Polly Teale
The Courtyard's Main House, Hereford
Tuesday 4 October 2022 -To Saturday 8 October 2022

With Natalie Spence,  Matthew Canny
Directed by David Durant 

Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece is brought vividly to life by The Courtyard in Polly Teale’s striking adaptation of the classic novel, Jane Eyre.
From the cruelty of Jane’s childhood to the tempestuous secrets of her adult life, this production revels in the passions of one of literature’s most loved heroines.
As a child, the orphaned Jane is taught to stifle her natural vivacity. A part of herself is locked away, out of view of polite society… until she arrives at Rochester’s house as a governess to his young child. Soon Rochester’s passionate nature reawakens Jane’s hidden self, but darker mysteries are stirring in the attic…
Bold, inventive, and intensely powerful, this moving retelling of Jane’s struggle for freedom against all odds, puts the interior life of this captivating novel centre stage.


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