Friday, January 07, 2022

There's a new tenant at the Grouse Inn in Oldfield, according to Keighley News:
The pub has also become a popular stop-off point for Brontë enthusiasts – it has views across Top Withens, the ruined farmhouse that reputedly inspired the setting for Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. (Alistair Shand)

In a clear day, of course. 

Bustle has some 'sad' book recommendations if you want to cry:
Wuthering Heights also features a classic 19th-century romance — and, for readers who aren’t quite ready to take on Anna Karenina, it’s a lot shorter. It’s also much darker. Though teenagers have swooned over Cathy and Heathcliff’s intense, all-consuming passion ever since the book’s publication, Brontë doesn’t exactly endorse how they treat one another — not to mention to everybody else. It’s a book about bad people behaving badly, but Brontë’s writing is so vivid and eerie that it’s hard to look away. (Morgan Leigh Davies)
About Manchester talks about the North and South season at the Elizabeth Gaskell House and reminds us how
Just as intriguing is the context in which this novel was written; Elizabeth herself was a character at the heart of Victorian society and the fact that
over this book she had arguments with her editor, Charles Dickens, and that it was published in the year that her dear friend Charlotte Brontë died are all part of an enthralling backdrop. (Nigel Barlow)
Talkhouse film contributors list their favourite 2021 movies and Talkhouse film pieces. Jordan Graham choice is: 
Favorite Talkhouse Film piece of 2021:
ATV Today talks about the first episode of Channel 5's Our Great Yorkshire Life where Haworth features although tangentially:
 Snaking its way through the wuthering heights of ‘Brontë Country’, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway has been a local treasure for more than 150 years. The heritage railway is now run mainly by an army of volunteers who dedicate their time to keeping this little piece of history alive. Today, the operations manager Noel and volunteer Kieran have their work cut out as the team get ready for one of the biggest events in the railway’s calendar: diesel day.
"How about a Jane Eyre holonovel?" Captain Janeway's hologram proposal in the new episode of Star Trek Prodigy: Kobayashi. We read in Polygon and TrekMovie:
Prodigy doesn’t
typically clutter its episodes with references to previous series (that’s squarely the domain of its sister show, Lower Decks), but executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman let [Aaron J.] Waltke go “hog wild” on “Kobayashi.” Janeway introduces Dal and shipmate Jankom Pog to the holodeck by flipping through a few familiar scenarios, from the Vulcan kal-if-fee battle rites to the real Janeway’s well-worn Brontë program. (Dylan Roth)

Jane Eyre Holonovel (A “personal favorite” referring to the “Lambda One” Eyre-like program from Voyager) (Anthony Pascale)
The best 2022 non-fiction books according to Evening Standard:
I Used to Live Here Once: The Haunted Life of Jean Rhys by Miranda Seymour
The elusive novelist Jean Rhys went off the radar for decades before gaining critical recognition later in life, and endured poverty, depression and addiction. This major new biography of the Wide Sargasso Sea writer covers uncharted territory, exploring the first 17 years of her life in Dominica, which were a great influence on her work - something no biography has yet done. (Jessie Thompson
We have no idea what this writer on Big Think is talking about:
Throughout history, many forward-thinking artists — from Pablo Picasso to the sisters Brontë — were declared ill or mad by their short-sighted contemporaries. Their creativity leaves a decisive impact, while its source stays shrouded in mystery. (Tim Brinkhof)

Not a clue, really. 

Reader's Digest interviews the writer Ayn O'Reilly:
Timothy Arden. The novel visits several time periods including Elizabethan England and the Victorian era. What fascinates you about these periods in particular?
A.O'R: I studied these periods whilst undertaking my degree in English Literature. I was particularly interested in the Victorian era as it produced great writers such as Dickens, Austen, Elliot and the Brontë sisters.

How many books should you read at the same time? Última Hora (Spain) thinks about it:
Buena pregunta. Me refiero a cuántos libros hay que leer simultáneamente, ya que la cifra total a lo largo de una vida no tiene sentido calcularla. Depende de su duración, y no es lo mismo fallecer a los 29 años, como Stephen Crane o Emily Brontë, que a los 87 de Borges. (Enrique Lázaro(Translation)
Jornal Económico (Portugal) takes a look at the Paula Rego exhibition in Lisbon which is about to finish next week:
Em Lisboa, na Galeria 111, estão expostas perto de três dezenas de obras, que tocam diversos temas, técnicas e histórias pessoais da família Rego. Esta cápsula do tempo, que vai desde 1980 (com a obra “Girl and Dog”) a anos mais recentes, como a pintura “Maria Madalena” (2017) oferece um percurso através dos vários momentos marcantes da sua obra, do traço naturalista e figurativo à série Jane Eyre de Charlote Brontë, passando pelas cenas autobiográficas que ilustram a doença prolongada do marido, Victor Willing (1928-1988), e pela sua militância em prol da mulher, neste caso denunciando a ausência da voz feminina na sociedade, com três obras dedicadas a Maria Madalena. (Ana Pina) (Translation)

Secret World of a Book review Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. The Eyre Guide has published a new episode of The Jane Eyre Files.


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