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The Guardian looks into the style of Andrea Arnold as a film director: 
As for her Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, he barely utters a word – it’s all about the unspoken emotion. Arnold is a wonderful film-maker. Her movies are beautifully written (or under-written), nuanced and gorgeous to look at, even when the world they depict is brutal. They are often unbearably tense, her characters invariably living on the brink of violence or betrayal. (Simon Hattenstone)
We are not really sure what actress and director Maggie Gyllenhaal means (although we rather think that she might have been thinking more along the lines of Jane Austen) when she is quoted in Los Angeles Times as saying:
Gyllenhaal: Thank you. I think if we make space, which we’re doing, it’s incredible. And money. I mean, the thing about movies is they cost money. Women can go and, you know what they said about the Brontës, hide under their sewing and write their books. But if they cost millions of dollars, it’s harder to make space for women to make movies. (Mark Olsen)
The B.C. Catholic talks about a literary journal devoted to highlighting the writing talents of high school students. One of the contributors says:
For [Andrea] Ocon, this meant recognizing the fundamental connection between truth and reality. The class helped her find “truth in writing,” and she gives her favourite authors, the Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, as examples of this reality. (Nicholas Elbers)
What it means to 'matter' in Psychology Today:
Following many trials and tribulations, including a lost love, a broken heart, and a dangerous journey, Jane Eyre arrived sick and penniless in a new town. There, as a teacher, she eventually found respect and appreciation from the community: “I felt I became a favourite in the neighbourhood. Whenever I went out, I heard on all sides cordial salutations, and was welcomed with friendly smiles. To live amidst general regard … is like "sitting in sunshine, calm and sweet." This is how Charlotte Brontë described her protagonist’s sense of mattering. (Isaac Prilleltensky Ph.D.)
The East Bay Express horoscope for Leo people (whatever this hocus-pocus means) is full of Brontë references:
I suspect that your life in 2022 might feature themes beloved by Leo author Emily Brontë (1818–1848). “No coward soul is mine,” she wrote, “No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere.” I suggest making that one of your mottoes. Here’s another guiding inspiration from Emily, via one of her poems: “I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading: / It vexes me to choose another guide: / Where the grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding: / Where the wild wind blows on the mountain-side.” Here’s one more of Brontë’s thoughts especially suitable for your use in the coming months: “I’ll be as dirty as I please, and I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty!” (Rob Bresney)
Primicias (Ecuador) discusses The Power of a Dog by Jane Campion who
Admiradora de las escritoras Emily Brontë o Emily Dickinson, a Campion le seducen los seres anómalos y ambiguos. (Translation)
Tag24 (Italy) gives some ideas for gifts for La Befana day: 
Ma la vita è una battaglia
Chiudiamo con l’ultimo volumetto, ma non per importanza, da mettere nella calza della befana 2022. La maestosa Charlotte Brontë con “Ma la vita è una battaglia” affida alle sue lettere pensieri tumultuosi come il suo cuore. Un percorso di vita, che emerge anche in queste lettere, carico di segreta intensità. Un volume da regalare per ricordare la forza del coraggio. “Ma la vita è una battaglia”, 64 pagine, a cura di Laura Ganzetti, L’Orma Editore. (Translation)
Brazilian Times (Brazil) interviews the writer Railda Masson:
Arilda Costa: Quais são seus autores preferidos?
R.M.: Os autores são inúmeros, a cada momento fico apaixonada por algum deles. Cito todas as obras de Saint Exupéry, Miguel de Cervantes, Victor Hugo, Jane Austin, Irmãs Bronte, Érico Veríssimo. (Translation)
NRC (Netherlands) tells the story of people with different identities:
Mijn geboortenaam is Yung Shih Tung. Onze docent Engels liet ons op een dag een Engelse voornaam kiezen. Het enige Engelse boek dat we hadden was Wuthering Heights, waarin een van de hoofdpersonen Catherine heet. De korte versie, Cathy, heb ik uitgekozen voor mezelf. (Joke Mat) (Translation)

Love quotes in L'Occhio (Italy) including one by Emily Brontë. Liberal (Brazil) announces that Wuthering Heights will be one of the readings of the "Leia Mulheres Americana" book club. A Brontëite in The Dartmouth.


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