Saturday, January 08, 2022

Brontë literary detectives in The Yorkshire Post:
Staff at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth have developed an informal network of “literary detectives” to provide them with tip-offs about what might be the latest undiscovered artefact linked to the family.
From auctioneers to academics and individuals, the opportunity to glean information from across the Continents has already proved invaluable, according to Rebecca Yorke, the Parsonage’s interim director.
She said: “There will be items in private collections that we simply do not know about, and to have information coming into us is so important.
“We do get people contacting us to establish the provenance of an item, and to see whether it is definitely linked to the Brontës.
“If we can help establish that, then we may well find that piece is donated to us or bequeathed to us, which is often how we come to receive some of our most important items.”(...)
The Parsonage is normally closed in January each year, but will open this month at weekends after repeated closures during the Covid-19 lockdowns.
Meanwhile, the decision to turn to the internet to stage virtual events for Brontë fans has helped the Parsonage Museum engage with an even wider audience. (Paul Jeeves)
Yorkshire Live talks about the Coffin End building and other interesting things in Thornton:
 The unusual three-storey residential property is just one of many weird and wonderful listed buildings in Thornton, the birthplace of the Brontë sisters, Anne, Emily and Charlotte, near Bradford. (...)
"The Brontë birthplace building only got its blue plaque last year and we always tell people about Haworth (home of the Brontë Parsonage) and I would like to think they tell people about Thornton because it's a shame to do one without the other."
Sadly, visitors cannot currently go into the Brontë birthday house because the restaurant it hosts is currently closed and has been for some time.
And foreign visitors are very thin on the ground in Thornton these days since the covid pandemic caused disruption to travel and tourism.
Chinese and other tourists would be a regular sight as they wandered around in search of the Brontë birthplace building before the plaque was put up. (Andrew Robinson)
City A.M. lists some of the best theatre to see in London in 2022:
Wuthering Heights, National Theatre
Playwright and artistic director Emma Rice was too punk for The Globe theatre – now she’s bringing a punk adaptation of Emily Brontë’s haunting masterpiece to the National Theatre. This prospect is made even more enticing by the involvement of performance artist Lucy McCormick as Catherine. Anarchy in the UK. (Steve Dinneen)
The Telegraph talks about Trawden and its very successful model of community-based organisation:
If the outside world has generally seemed happy to leave Trawden well alone, then the feeling appears mutual. Now 71, Swann has lived in Trawden for 45 years and raised a family in the village, yet cheerily accepts that she will forever be considered an ‘off comed’un’ or outsider. Eight miles north-east of Burnley, by the Yorkshire border, this is an outpost that seems content in splendid isolation, defiantly proud that its claims to fame have been so few and modest: Roger Bannister’s dad grew up here, and Charlotte Brontë lived nearby, borrowing Wycoller Hall, in the next valley, as the template for Mr Rochester and Jane’s house in Jane Eyre. (Tim Moore)
An alert for today, January 8, in Luxembourg. We read in Luxembourg Times:
January 8: Jane Eyre (2011), Cinémathèque de la Ville, 8pm
If you studied English in secondary school, you almost certainly read Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre. The story is one of love, loss, and beauty. It interrogates the various forms in which all three of these things come into our lives. It does so through the framework of a nineteenth century tragic romance. In 2011 Cary Fukunaga became the next in a long line of directors who hoped to successfully adapt the novel for the big screen. As far as most critics are concerned, Fukunaga did a good job. Head to the Cinémathèque de la Ville and see if the performances of Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, and Judi Dench win you over, too! (Maxwell Donaldson)

Another TV alert for today in Poland: Wuthering Heights 1939 in CBS Europa at 14.50. (Wyborcza). And Cime Tempestose 2004  in RAI Premium (Italy) (L'Opinionista).

Top life lessons from classics in The Times of India:
Be passionate, not obsessive: 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë
Few novels can compete with the level of passion and infatuation depicted between Cathy and Heathcliff. However, few stories end up in such horrific disaster for all involved. An excellent lesson to be learned here is to listen to your head instead of your heart.
Vanguardia (Colombia) reports the death of the actor Edgardo Román (1950-2022) who was part of the cast of Recordarás mi nombre, a 1976 TV adaptation of Jane Eyre:
Fueron cerca de 43 producciones televisivas en las que participó, con su debut en 1976 en ‘Recordarás mi nombre’, una telenovela de 55 capítulos protagonizada por Yamile Humar, siendo una adaptación de Julio Jiménez de la obra de teatro obra ‘Jane Eyre’ de Carlota Brontë. (Translation)
Ara (in Catalan) lists some new translations to be published in 2022:
Però si parlem de clàssics stricto sensu, continuen les recuperacions de clàssics victorians, com Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë (amb traducció nova al Club Victòria), els Cims borrascosos d’Emily Brontë (Proa) i Donetes per primer cop en català a Viena. (Laura Serra) (Translation)
José Rodrigues Dos Santos sparks a discussion in Observador (Portugal):
Eça de Queiroz problematizou a questão do celibato do clero em O Crime do Padre Amaro numa altura em quem isso não se podia fazer, as irmãs Brontë, Flaubert e D. H. Lawrence fizeram o mesmo sobre o papel da mulher na sociedade, George Orwell revelou em 1984 a realidade tirânica de um regime comunista numa altura em que o comunismo era santificado pelos intelectuais ocidentais. (Translation)
HaberTS (Turkey) lists 'romantic' movies:
Jane Eyre, 2011 yılında yayınlanan bir filmdir. IMDB puanı 7.3 puandır. 10 yaşında öksüz kalan Jane Eyre, halasının katı disiplini altında yetişen bir genç kızdır. Daha sonra halası onu katı kurallı bir yatılı okula gönderir ve on yıl boyunca burada eğitim görür. Edward Rochester’in malikanesinde küçük bir kızın öğretmenliğini yapacağı bir iş bulur ve burada Edward Rochester ile tanışır. Daha sonra ise olaylar gerçekleşecektir. Charlotte Bronte’nin romanından uyarlanan bu film oldukça beğeni topladı. (Translation)


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