Saturday, January 08, 2022

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Do you remember the January 1853 letter by Patrick Brontë to Charlotte where he impersonated Flossy? It is featured in this compilation:
Compiled by Shaun Usher
Penguin Books
ISBN 9780143134749
November 2021

An irresistible new volume of affectionate missives about our man’s best friend from the author of the bestselling Letters of Note collections.
In Letters of Note: Dogs, Shaun Usher brings together a delightful collection of correspondence about our canine friends, featuring affectionate accounts of pups’ playful misdemeanours, heartfelt tributes to loyal fidos, and shared tales of remarkable hounds.
The Globe and Mail reviews the book:
Witness Charlotte Brontë’s curate father writing to her in the voice of her spaniel, Flossy, in a passive-aggressive attempt to dissuade her from accepting a marriage proposal. (Emily Donaldson)


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