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Screen Rant tries to help The Haunting series creator Mike Flanagan when it comes to inspiration for season 3, which he has said he won't be doing at least for now. Villette is still a firm favourite.
Villette is the novel that Flanagan referenced in episode 1 of The Haunting Of Bly Manor. Written by Charlotte Brontë, sister of fellow authors Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne, as well as the novelist who penned Jane Eyre, crafted this horror novel in the early years of her career. It follows a young woman who has recently taken up residence at a boarding school for young woman as the live-in nanny.
Upon her arrival, she begins to uncover the haunted nature of the boarding school. After forming a romantic relationship with Paul Emmanuel, Lucy Snowe is tormented by the ghost of his ex-lover. Set in an eerie England school, it is the perfect atmosphere and location for another season of The Haunting. It offers several opportunities to venture into the inner workings of the gothic horror sub-genre's use of romance, emotions, and the paranormal. Just like The Haunting Of Bly Manor, it's possible for Flanagan to set the story in a different time period and reflect back on what caused the ghosts to appear. It is also the most concrete reference fans have gotten in regard to a possible season 3 theme, so it's likely that this could be the best choice for the next adapted story in The Haunting series. (Marian Phillips)
The Sydney Morning Herald shares letters received from its readers concerning the 'most boring book'.
Wuthering Heights may have been grim but was never boring. For us innocent teenage girls at a same sex school in the early 1960s, Heathcliff’s obsession with Cathy was the epitome of romantic love. These days it is clear that the book was about domestic violence on many levels, but it’s still one of my favourite books. Toni Lorentzen, Fennell Bay 
Those correspondents despairing over the ‘‘tedium’’ of Silas Marner, Moby Dick, or Wuthering Heights will be OK. Comic books are still available at the newsagent. Steve Ellis (retired English teacher), Hackett (ACT) [...]
On the light side, a lively discussion about the most boring book is proving popular. So far Silas Marner is winning, but coming up behind are Wuthering Heights, In Search of Lost Time and Moby Dick. At least Herald readers have a high calibre of hated books.
Still – as ever – there's no accounting for taste, and every book mentioned has its passionate defender, shocked that anyone could deny the brilliance of their beloved. (Harriet Veitch)
Literature-inspired music in El País (Spain)
El año 1978, Emily Brönte [sic] se transformó en un hit pop que se radió hasta el infinito sin que eso pareciese contribuir a que las librerías se llenasen de futuros lectores de la más desdichada y talentosamente oscura de las hermanas Brönte. Kate Bush había escrito Wuthering Heights, su primer single, basándose enteramente en, claro, Cumbres borrascosas, una de sus novelas favoritas. Tenía entonces Bush 18 años. Impresionada por lo desatadamente irracional y romántico —en el sentido de cruel y salvaje y fatal, el del verdadero romanticismo— de la novela, Bush impregnó de la tenebrosidad de la obra prácticamente todo aquel visceral The Kick Inside, un primer álbum que colocó su marciana voz en el epicentro de la eclosión ecléctica de finales de los 70. (Laura Fernández) (Translation)
Huffington Post (Italy) reviews the Italian translation of Wakenhyrst by Michelle Paver.
Con una prosa che lambisce Mary Shelley a Bram Stoker ma anche Charlotte Brontë e le scrittrici anglosassoni di ampio respiro, “I demoni di Wakenhyrst” ci racconta molto di un’epoca, delle sue abitudini, delle concezioni. Della sudditanza psicologica, sociale e fisica in cui erano relegate le donne, come si evince dalle differenze d’educazione tra figli di sesso diverso (solo i maschietti erano destinati agli studi, ad esempio). (Marilu Oliva) (Translation)
This contributor to La Bussola (Italy) should really read up on English literature.
Se l’archetipo narrativo a cui tutte le autrici contemporanee di regency drama guardano per i propri romanzi è l’opera omnia di Jane Austen e delle sorelle Brontë, spesso mescolate con un pizzico di Virginia Woolf e di Mary Anne Evans-George Eliot, una delle alfiere del genere contemporaneo è sicuramente l’inglese Georgette Heyer (ha prodotto una infinita serie di romanzi tutt’oggi pubblicati ed apprezzati). (Claudia Boccini) (Translation
This contributor to Irish Examiner doesn't seem to have a much clearer picture:
A pretty curious guide to marriage in the time of Jane Austen
With rumours of a BBC return to the much loved Jane Eyre series in 2021, social history buffs may like to get a head start on all things love and marriage with Bantry resident Jenny Dempsey’s self-published 90-page book. 
The Curious Lady’s Guide to Marriage’ is a beautifully produced, amusing and fascinating guide to love and marriage in the time of Jane Austen. (Ruth O'Connor)
Brontë Babe Blog shares he reading goals for 2021. Lucy in Bookland has imagined a different ending for Jane Eyre.


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