Friday, January 22, 2021

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According to The Week, Wuthering Heights is one of the books that should 'be on your reading bucket list'.
Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë (1847)
First published under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, Wuthering Heights was the only novel written by Emily Brontë, the second-youngest of the Brontë siblings, and she died a year after its publication at the age of 30. “The scope and drift of its imagination, its passionate exploration of a fatal yet regenerative love affair, and its brilliant manipulation of time and space put it in a league of its own,” writes McCrum in The Observer. “This is great English literature, the fruit of a quite extraordinary childhood.”
Wuthering Heights was even on an Italian murderer's bucket list. As reported by L'Unione Sarda:
There is no lack of traces of repentance: "The other day a strange thing happened, while I was reading 'Wuthering Heights' (novel by Emily Brontë, ed) ... I remembered that evening, the night of the murder, but not as I always do , it was much stronger ... And for the first time I felt real sorrow for what I did, maybe I was even close to crying. But if I think about it now I don't feel the same things, I just don't feel anything, but maybe I'm getting close to true repentance. "
Agenzia Italiana and other news outlets also report it.

De Volkskrant (Netherlands) has an article on colour-blind casting.
Toch is dit te simpel gedacht als het gaat om historische films en series, zeggen critici. Nu is het inderdaad wel eens tijd dat kostuumdrama’s wat minder wit worden. Als er al personages van kleur in voorkomen, staan ze doorgaans te zwoegen in de keuken, en dat klopt niet. Andrea Arnold castte voor haar Wuthering Heights (2011) een Afro-Caribische Heathcliff omdat hij in het boek van Emily Brontë wordt omschreven als ‘een zigeuner met een donkere huid’. (Floortje Smit) (Translation)
Jane Eyre is the book of the month at the University of New York in Prague. Luccia Gray lists '10 Lies Edward Rochester told Jane Eyre'. Heart Wants Books posts about Wide Sargasso Sea. There's a post on 'Brontë Ghosts and Legends' by MJ WaylandHuffington Post illustrates an article on the devastating effects of Storm Christoph with a picture of Haworth's Main Street deserted (also because of lockdown, of course). Finally, something to watch tonight:


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