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You can watch yesterday's episode of For the Love of Britain (S01E04) devoted to Yorkshire on the ITV hub:
Narrated by Julie Walters, the programme invites us to take a great escape into our great outdoors, unearthing our country’s hidden gems as well as exploring its most celebrated treasures.. In this episode we visit the place locals call ‘God’s own county’, Yorkshire.
Julia Bradbury follows in the footsteps of one of our most famous literary families, the Brontës, exploring the windswept moors. Robson Green sings shanties in the seaside resort of Whitby. Ore Oduba hits the challenging Coast to Coast walking trail near the market town of Richmond. And deep in the Dales, Ade Edmondson will be our guide on the Malham Circuit, one Yorkshire’s best-loved hikes.
The Hindu interviews the writer Anna Todd:
Abhilasha Unnikrishnan: You found your love for books and writing at a very young age, who were your favourite authors growing up?
I have been an avid reader since I can remember and started really loving to read through Harry Potter. I remember waiting to check the books out at my school library as they were released. I also loved classic literature, Jane Austen, The Brontë Sisters, Hemingway. My love for reading really bloomed from them and it definitely shaped the way I write characters and plotlines. Everyone loves a classic trope.
Still in India, She The People asks several female writers about her favourite novel:
Alka Joshi
Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre: An orphan without money, charm or looks, Jane manifests something far more dear and in short supply: integrity, introspection, and intelligence. She is as unflinchingly honest with herself as with others. And for all her prickly, unsentimental nature, Jane does not withhold compassion when it’s warranted. (Deepshikha Chakravarti)
tes looks into Romantic poets for solace in these trying times:
 3. Emily Brontë
“I welcome thee, Benignant Power;
Sure solacer of human cares,
And sweeter hope, when hope despairs!”

When there’s not much pleasure to be taken in the real world, why not do as the Brontë sisters did so well and immerse ourselves in the imaginary world?
The Brontë sisters revelled in their imaginary kingdom, Gondal, where their toy soldiers resided. But the poetry that stands from this period shows not just remains of the fictional world of Gondal, but also allegorical tales and expressions of lived experience.
With Netflix’s stock price up massively from last year and sales of puzzles and board games soaring, people are looking at ways to escape reality in 2020 and, in doing so, may actually be making some sense of these unprecedented times.
It’s amazing what we can do with an active mind and a dull life. (Charlotte Brunton)
The Boonville Daily News describes a local Christmas event:
Bunceton Federated Church held its Christmas program Dec. 20. Youth read poems and played music that went along with the scripture the Rev. Tad Schuldt presented.
Jenna Elliott read a poem by Anne Brontë entitled "Music on Christmas Morning." (Sarah Kuschell)
Old Town Alexandria Patch announces the upcoming (who knows when) opening of a local restaurant: 
The restaurant is named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century mathematician who contributed to the development of the world's first mechanical computer. The interior will feature original art of Ada, her father, the poet Lord Byron, and other key figures like Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Emily and Charlotte Brontë. The interior has 162 seats with floor-to-ceiling windows providing views of the Potomac River. The patio has 105 seats. (Emily Leayman)


The Radio Times General Quiz includes a Brontë question:
Name all five Brontë sisters.
The Article tries to find some good things in 2020:
 The National Theatre put on a season of their best recent productions – NT Live – on YouTube to remind viewers of the joys of live theatre. The range was thrilling, but perhaps most striking was the number of powerful female performances: Rattigan’s Deep Blue Sea with Helen McCrory, Gillian Anderson in Streetcar, Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre, Simon Godwin’s thrilling Twelfth Night with Tamsin Greg as Malvolia and Phoebe Fox as Olivia. (David Herman)
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution interviews the singer Caylee Hammack:
Melissa Ruggieri: What have you been listening to?
C.H.: A lot of Kate Bush. I found (her 1978 debut single) “Wuthering Heights” one day, and I saw the video and was like, what the hell is this? It sucked me in, even though it was my least favorite (Emily) Brontë book. 
 And now a selection of Bridgerton comments:
Bridgerton, which is the first show released on Netflix produced by Shonda Rhimes after her headline-making exclusive deal with the company, is set in the early-1800s period known as the Regency, during the Austen-Brontë stretch of time when English society's structure was rigid, corsets were tight, and marriage was the Number One priority of any woman considered of age. (Emma Stefansky in Thrillist)

Esse par improvável é um clichê da literatura, mas funciona muito bem na série: Daphne e Simon têm ótima química em cena, inclusive em momentos quentes que você não vê, nem de longe, nos livros de Jane Austen ou das irmãs Brontë (Beatriz Amendola in Splash (Brazil)) (Translation)

 Alla faccia di Jane Eyre, l'Inghilterra di Bridgerton è un tripudio di abiti nelle più svariate palette pastello e tonalità acide che sembrano rubate alle confezioni di pastiglie Leone. (Giada Borioli in Grazia (Italy)) (Translation)

Norrländska Socialdemokraten (NSD) (in Swedish) celebrates Anne Brontë's anniversary:
Yngsta systern Brontë skakade om viktorianer. De tre systrarna Brontë skapade några av den brittiska litteraturens klassiker. Yngst var Anne, vars 200-årsminne firas det här året. 
Systrarna växte upp i en prästgård i Yorkshire och omgivna av det karga hedlandskapet skapade de sina passionerade storverk. Äldsta systern Charlotte blev berömd för ”Jane Eyre”, utgiven 1847. Näst äldsta systern Emily gjorde samtidigt succé med ”Svindlande höjder”. Lillasyster Anne släppte debutromanen ”Agnes Grey” samma år, , men hamnade lite i skymundan. Hon hade skrivit klart berättelsen några år tidigare, men eftersom den kom ut först efter ”Jane Eyre” blev den bara betraktad som en blek kopia. (Read more) (Translation)
Marianne (France) vindicates Middlemarch by George Elliot:
En France, Mona Ozouf vient de remettre cette auteure au premier plan où la situaient Proust et Gide. Son brillant essai d’histoire littéraire, L’autre George, à la rencontre de George Eliot se réfère à George Sand, comparse en admiration réciproque et en féminisme pionnier. Il est à noter que l’une et l’autre, comme aussi les sœurs Brontë, durent avoir recours à des pseudonymes masculins ou sans connotation de genre. Autre symptôme d’époque : en 1880 George Eliot en dépit de sa notoriété n’eut pas droit d’être enterrée au « Coin des poètes » en l’abbaye de Westminster comme le fut son illustre contemporain, Charles Dickens ; elle ne perdit rien au change puisqu’elle le fut auprès de l’homme auquel elle survécut de peu, « son » George.
Cette Angleterre victorienne nous pose encore une autre grande question culturelle : si l’on ajoute les Sœurs Brontë et Austen, pour ne mentionner qu’elles, comment se fait-il que ces deux générations de femmes, pour la plupart mortes à l’âge où les écrivains accèdent à la maturité humaine, aient produit une telle moisson d’œuvres, aussi fortes que Les Hauts de Hurlevent, Jane Eyre, Orgueil et préjugés, Persuasion… C’est comme si, et Virginia Woolf émettra l’hypothèse, de la place où elles étaient reléguées et depuis leur coin de table de famille, elles avaient tiré un poste d’observation d’autant plus éclairant sur l’humanité qu’elles la voyaient défiler sans que celle-ci les vît. (Jean-Philippe Domecq) (Translation)
 Prenzlauer Berg (Germany) recommends audiobooks:
Und stieß auf den WDR-Hörspielspeicher, in dem sich lauter Geschichten für Erwachsene befinden. Von Krimi über Literarisches bis hin zu gesellschaftskritischen Features ist alles dabei und bietet genügend Auswahl, um das Kopfkino einzuschalten. Mein Favorit? Emily Brontës Klassiker Sturmhöhe – in ganze 32 Folgen. Liegen bleiben kann ich dabei auch. (Translation)

Via the Brontës Sisters we have come across this virtual tour of Elizabeth Gaskell's house


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