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The Fayetteville Observer presents an upcoming (Thursday through May 6) local adaptation of Jane Eyre:
There’s a lot of turmoil in “Jane Eyre” — insanity, a fire, a suicide.
But that’s not really what the story is about, said Jessica Osnoe.
“Ultimately, it’s a story of redemption,” she said. “It’s a story of homecoming. It’s a love story.”
Osnoe is directing a version of the story for Sweet Tea Shakespeare. She adapted the play from Charlotte Brontë’s book, which was published in 1847.
The play debuts Thursday, with performances continuing through May 6. It will be performed on the grounds of the 1897 Poe House on the grounds of the Museum of the Cape Fear. (...)
Osnoe said she has long loved Brontë’s “Jane Eyre.” One of the challenges in adapting it for the stage, she said, was that the novel is told in first person, a form not well suited to theater. (Rodger Mullen)
The Boar on the title of a novel:
A popular trend in titles is to keep things simple by using the name of an important character. Examples include Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist and Moby Dick. All of these take the most memorable character – be it the heroine, young hero or white whale – to remind readers who their attention should be on. (Gilles Allen-Bowden)
Books to read when you 'need a little break from the daily grind' in Bustle:
The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell:
If you're a fan of the Brontë sisters, you'll love this literary mystery. Samantha is the only remaining descendant of the Brontë family. When she arrives for her first semester at Oxford, she winds up on an elaborate scavenger hunt, which might just reveal a long-lost family heirloom. (Melissa Ragsdale)
Paris Normandie (France) interviews Denise Holstein, Auschwitz survivor:
Un livre: «Les Hauts de Hurlevent (un classique de la littérature Anglaise du XIXe siècle écrit par Emily Brontë où la mort est omniprésente. C’est un des rares livres qui m’a passionné. (Joce Hue) (Translation)
Justfocus (France) lists the favourite books of the staff:
Mon coup de coeur classique ? Les Hauts de Hurlevent d’Emily Brontë. Et sans hésiter !
C’est un livre que j’ai découvert lors de mes 15 ans à peu près en même temps que le reste de la belle littérature anglaise : Raisons et Sentiments, Northanger Abbey et plein d’autres. (...)
Ce roman est avant tout l’histoire d’une vengeance. Et d’un amour si fort qu’il n’a pu être contenu que dans la mort. Ce roman c’est un roman qui coupe le souffle et ébranle à la fois. C’est l’histoire d’Heathcliff, orphelin recueilli par Mr Earnshaw, qui tombe amoureux de Catherine lors de son arrivée dans la famille de celle-ci. Cette relation ne sera bien sûr pas acceptée.
J’ai eu l’occasion de relire ce roman plusieurs fois et je ne me suis totalement imprégné de l’univers et des problématiques qu’au bout de la 3ème fois tellement l’histoire est complexe. (Kler Jacquesson) (Translation)
Some characters of films based on novels in ANSA (Italy):
Jane Eyre
Uno dei personaggi più famosi creati dalla penna di Charlotte Brontë e protagonista dell’omonimo romanzo, Jane Eyre si è guadagnata un posto tra i grandi classici della letteratura inglese come una delle prime icone femministe dell’ottocento. Il personaggio di Jane, accolto favorevolmente già al momento della pubblicazione del romanzo, è ancora oggi molto attuale e ha dato spunto a numerosi adattamenti cinematografici e televisivi, tra cui una miniserie prodotta dalla BBC e un film che vede Mia Wasikowska e Michael Fassbender nel ruolo dei protagonisti. (Translation
The Daily Nation (Kenia) publishes a self-help article with an Emily Brontë quote. VRT (Belgium) discusses the relationship between the photographer Gered Mankowitz and Kate Bush. The Liverpool Porcupine [Revisited] celebrates too Charlotte Brontë's anniversary. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal Crossword included a Brontë question:
91. Wuthering Heights writer.


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