Friday, May 20, 2016

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This is a fiction around Branwell Brontë and the Titterington family:
St. John In The Wilderness
Alan Titterington
Austin Macauley Publishers
ISBN:  9781786121943

St. John in the Wilderness is a captivating and intriguing narrative of the friendship between the Titterington and Brontë families. Alan Titterington presents the story of his ancestor John Titterington as he relates his adventures and misdeeds from the year of 1848. Beginning with the relocation of his family, from his mill operation in Halifax to the busy streets of York, John shares the details of the events that befell his family as well as the Brontë family.
With a supporting cast of Titterington family members, pub owners and customers, mill workers and buyers, the Hell-Fire Club members and the Brontë relatives, John suffers many life-changing events that challenge his success and survival. Children's deaths, illegitimate births, robberies, bar-room brawls, his paternal disowner-ship, and financial mishaps all contribute to John's ultimate fall from grace. As John explains the happenings that brought him to York, from his debtors' prison cell, he relates the reader to the corresponding occurrences in his friend, Branwell Brontë's young life, as well.
And this is a sort of portrait of (the fact that the publishers use that dubious portrait on the cover is not a good sign) biography of the Brontës for twenty-something people the Brontës when they were twenty, in French :
Les Sœurs Brontë À 20 Ans
Stéphane Labbe
Au Diable Vauvert
ISBN:  9791030700459 (April 2016)

À vingt ans, Charlotte envoie ses vers au plus grand poète de son époque. Mais justement l’époque victorienne ne lui est guère favorable. Implacable, le grand homme lui conseille de rester à sa place : à la maison ! Elle et ses deux petites sœurs, Emily et Anne, sont d’ailleurs priées de s’effacer devant leur frère ainé, Branwell, que leur père considère comme un génie. Mais le presbytère familial, la lande à perte de vue, le climat austère et surtout le désir inassouvi d’amours charnelles et grandioses leur inspireront les chefs d’œuvre du romantisme anglais.


  1. When do you leave Europe? (Joke)

  2. More seriously, I would be very sad if you left Europe. My book is not "for twenty-something people ", it's a portrait of the sisters when they were twenty. The picture on the cover has been ordered by the publisher, it was responding to practical necessity of format.

  3. We stand corrected.


  4. It's a pity to judge a book from its cover.