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Several local newspapers report the death of the prolific Yorkshire writer and former Dalesman editor, W.R. Mitchell (1928-2015):
Mr Mitchell, who passed away peacefully last night in Airedale Hospital, was a former editor of the Dalesman magazine. In a writing career spanning six decades, he published more than 170 books and wrote many hundreds of articles.
He maintained an eclectic interest in people, places and natural history, writing on subjects as diverse as the Settle-Carlisle Railway, Arthur Ransome, William Wordsworth, the Lancashire witches, the Brontës and the composer Edward Elgar.
Mr Mitchell, who started his journalistic career at the Gazette's sister newspaper, the Craven Herald, edited the Dalesman from 1968 to his retirement in 1986.
In latter years he wrote a regular column in the Craven Herald. (Westmoreland Gazette)
Among the many books devoted to explore in all possible ways the Yorkshire people, ways, landscapes or life, there are a couple of Brontë-related ones:

Haworth and the Brontës. A Visitor's Guide (1966) (and subsequently republished several times)
Hotfoot to Haworth: Pilgrims to the Brontë Shrine (1992)

His interest in preserving the local oral history of Yorkshire and Lakeland folk can be explored in the W.R. Mitchell Archive where you can find interviews like this one with Sam Dyson who farmed at Buckley Farm, Stanbury, near Top Withens:
WRM So when you’re talking about Haworth moors, you’re not talking about
Haworth moors at all, are you?
SD Well, they aren’t Haworth moors, they’re Stanbury moors are ours.
WRM Yes, the ones where all the Brontë interest is. Where is the famous little farm,
what do they call it?
SD Withins.
WRM Withins, is that on Stanbury?
SD Aye, it’s on Stanbury, it in’t on Haworth moor that. 


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