Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Alexandra Gilbreath
Today on BBC Radio 4:
Words and Music
Today 17:45
Wide Open Spaces

Alexandra Gilbreath and Steve Toussaint read poetry and prose which explores our feelings about wide open spaces, the yen to explore but also the fear of what we'll find. From meadows to mountain tops, down rivers and out to sea, across city roof tops and down harrowing migrant trails and the final frontier, what may lie deep inside our imagination? With readings from Emily Brontë to Eduardo Galeano, from Langston Hughes to Jackie Kay and Robert Louis Stevenson and the music of Hadyn, Herbie Hancock, Sibelius and Tallis.

Producer: Jacqueline Smith.

Emily Brontë
Poem 'Often Rebuked Yet Always Back Returning', read by Alexandra Gilbreath
Music: Masekela/Irving
Stimela (the coal train)Performer: Hugh Masekela.
Aaron Copland
Appalachian Spring (Opening)
Performer: St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin (conductor).
Although the poem is attributed to Emily Brontë in the programme, there is no consensus about it (check this old post for more information).


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