Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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This is a new sequel of Jane Eyre who expands the backstory of one of the secondary characters, Mrs Fairfax:
Simple Dame FairfaxAnna Bransgrove
Print Length: 72 pages
Publisher: 2QT Limited (Publishing) (23 Jun. 2015)

You know Jane Eyre.
You know the mad woman in the attic.
But have you heard about the slightly deranged  gentlewoman in the parlour?
Simple Dame Fairfax is not the nonentity Jane Eyre  patronisingly thought her to be, but a passionate woman  whose troubled past unfolds as she slips into the borders  of insanity.

‘ ... Bransgrove teases new stories, new relations, from  what we know of Jane’s world ... augmenting and inventing so that what overlaps with Charlotte Brontë’s novel gives that story new depth ...’
Dr Patsy Stoneman.


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