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The Herald on Sunday reviews BBC1's A Song for Jenny highlighting a Jane Eyre reference in the funeral sequence:
I would hope she is able to draw comfort from thoughts of family because, at the end of the drama, she said she may be losing faith in God. As a priest, this would not only mean a loss of faith but loss of her life's work. God was everywhere in this story but He was often silent, useless or simply damaging. He brought no comfort or relief to Julie Nicholson, and, of course, the bombings themselves were carried out by religious fanatics. God offered nothing. When the family were drawn into church for Jenny's funeral, comfort was given, not from scripture, but from poetry and extracts from Jane Eyre. Literature, music and the gathering together of family and friends was where love and solace came from - not from religion. (Julie McDowall)
Roses are the most popular flowering plants in the world. Since the earliest historical records, roses — with their distinctive colours, varieties and fragrance — have been symbols of love and beauty. Shakespeare revered them, as did Walter de la Mare, Emily Brontë, Oscar Wilde and Elizabeth Browning, to name but a few writers similarly enchanted. 
High 50 talks about insomnia and how to get over it:
There’s no need to suffer, though. Although you can’t make yourself go to sleep, you can help sleep to occur by keeping yourself in the present.
“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” Charlotte Brontë
BNDeStem (Netherlands) on children's names:
In Amerika wonen er zo’n honderd Cinderella’s. Allemaal in de zestig, want toen zij werden geboren kwam Disneys gelijknamige film uit. Mijn toekomstige kinderen vernoem ik straks allemaal naar Harry Potter-karakters - of de gezusters Brontë, daar ben ik nog niet helemaal uit.  (Martine Huijbregts) (Translation)
L'Express (Mauritius) interviews Véronique Allas, Miss Mauritius:
Quels livres lisez-vous ?
J’aime les livres d’Emily Brontë qui lutte beaucoup pour la femme. J’aime aussi ceux d’Arundhati Roy. Pour une Indienne, c’est une féministe pur-sang. J’admire beaucoup les féministes. (Translation)
Chits & Giggles and The Misfortune of Knowing posts about Jane Eyre. A few new pictures have been published on The Brontë Bell Chapel Facebook Group.


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