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The Telegraph publishes the obituary of the actor Richard Johnson:
With a voice that sounded as if it was preserved in oak and dark good looks straight out of a Brontë novel, it’s a surprise that Richard Johnson (who died today) never became an A-list film star. However, the career which he carved out on stage and screen was probably far more interesting – and durable – than a life at the mercy of a big studio would have allowed. (Ben Lawrence)
The Garstang Courier is eager to see Jane Eyre's open air performances at Lytham Hall:
There’s a double first in prospect at Lytham Hall as the outdoor theatre season opens next Sunday evening June 14.
A large audience is expected for Jane Eyre, the first in the summer programme of four open air plays.
Eliza Jade who takes the title role will be making her first apppearance in Lancashire for Lincoln-based Chapterhouse in a show produced by Richard Main. (...)
Chapterhouse Theatre Company will come to Lytham Hall, their only date in the Red Rose county, at the start of their summer tour of Jane Eyre which will take them to venues throughout England, Scotland Wales and Ireland for 54 performances over the four summer months
Aaron Charles who plays the enigmatic Mr Rochester is looking forward to the superb setting Lytham Hall offers for outdoor theatre.
El Diario de Murcia (Spain) interviews the film director Gala Hernández:
Parece que tenéis muy claro cómo lo vais a enfocar, ¿qué influencias se pueden descubrir en Naturaleza Muerta? (Rafa López)
Las influencias no están muy pensadas. Tengo un abanico muy amplio de cine que me gusta, pero no me he fijado en nada concreto para el corto. Por decir algo, a nivel simbólico podemos decir que puede recordar a Jane Eyre, por el papel de la mujer encerrada, enclaustrada. (Translation)
Classical Literature and Poetry posts about one of the wood engravings for Jane Eyre by Fritz Eichenberg.


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