Friday, May 22, 2015

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Writing Dresses on Rooby Lane. Via Glasgow STV:
Single mum Rooby Lane, 48, and a team of "mature seamstresses" have been sewing away over tea and biscuits to create items that encourage us to "wear our personality". 
Wuthering Heights, Party Dress, Prom Dress

These gorgeously geeky Dresses are specially designed for special occasions.. so that you don't have to arrive at your special event, basically looking similar to everyone else!

SPOLIER ALERT.. Don't read this dress if you don't know the ending!!

Beautiful geeky Prom Dresses, if you are looking for something a little bit Unique!
All of my dresses are limited Edition, and once they are gone they are gone! You will need to leave at least 28 days until your dress will be dispatched.

They have an outside zip down the back, and lined on top half.
This one is a gorgeous Wuthering Heights literature Special Occasion Dress.
And a scarf:
Wuthering Heights Infinity Scarf
Gorgeously Unique Wuthering Heights Infinity Scarves.
Printed with a portion of the scene where Katy Is knocking on Heathcliff's window.
Perfect as a romantic gift ;)
These scarves measure 57' x 9' Made in a lovely soft jersey.


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