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Next March 14, this new contemporary adaptation of Wuthering Heights will be premiered on LifeTime (US):
Wuthering High School
Directed by Anthony DiBlasi
Produced by The Asylum

Writing Credits:
Emily Brontë ... (based on novel)
Delondra Williams ... (writer)


Andrew Jacobs ... Heath
Paloma Kwiatkowski ... Cathy Earnshaw
Matthew Boehm ... Eddie Linton
Francesca Eastwood ... Ellen
Sean Flynn ... Lee Earnshaw
Rachel G. Fox ... Bella Linton
J. LaRose ... Mr.Reed
James Caan ... Earnshaw
Mollie Hale ... Ellen's Mother
Darin Cooper ... Priest
Xingu Del Rosario ... Carlos Lopez
Jude Gerard Prest ... Mr. Green
In this modern retelling of Emily Brontë’s classic novel Wuthering Heights, Cathy Earnshaw is an outcast at her wealthy Malibu high school, where she struggles to cope with her mother’s tragic death. Sadness turns to exhilaration when her father brings in Heath, a troubled kid whose mother, a long-time employee of Mr. Earnshaw, is suddenly deported. Cathy and Heath are irresistibly drawn to each other, desperately filling the voids in each other’s lives. But theirs is a destructive love, they rarely show up to class, and when they do it’s chaos. As Cathy’s friends mock the unconventional, arrogant Heath, she feels even further isolated. Finally, Cathy caves to social pressure and breaks up with Heath for a more popular boy. Heath can’t forgive her betrayal, and the two lovers start down a tragic path spurred by jealousy, pride, and their undeniable, consuming passion.

Sat Mar 14 at 8 PM
Sun Mar 15 at 12 AM
We don't want to judge things before actually seeing the thing. Therefore, we will just remain silent for now about our opinion of the synopsis, the cover and the stills .


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