Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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In Edmonton, Canada a new student production of Gordon & Caird's Jane Eyre. The Musical:
Jane Eyre
Tue, Nov 18 & Wed, Nov 19
(7:30 pm)
Directed by Linette Smith.
Musical Direction by Daniel Bolland
Semi staged concert with full orquestra.
Myer Horowitz Theatre
The director describes the piece on Vue Weekly:
“The music’s really epic and challenging, so it’s a great piece if you’re studying theatre,” Linette Smith says. “But it also pushes the boundaries of fate, so it’s something really amazing for people that are going through so much change in their life to be able to identify with these characters; and has that whole identity and questioning of woman’s place in the world and that proto-feminism.”
Smith had read the novel “about a million years ago” and was only vaguely aware of the musical until she took the mantle of director and choreographer for Two ONE-WAY Tickets to Broadway’s upcoming production of the show, which runs for only two days at the Myer Horowitz. It’s a pared-down, concert-style production liberated from the expected grand set design and stuffy Victorian trappings. (...)
“We will always question our place and how we get to be who we are,” she continues. “In this show we are dealt these amazing female figures that really question what we think is supposed to be present in society, what we see in magazines, what we see on television, what we see in politics. Jane pushes the boundaries of all of that.”


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