Monday, October 27, 2014

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A skirt from with, literally, quotes from Jane Eyre among others:
The Jane-Quotes Skirt
At BOB by Dawn O'Porter

Have you ever sat alone in the bar and had nothing to read? May that never be the case again. This Karen Mabon print is awash with inspirational female quotes from three of Dawns favourite books, all set onto a navy background. The books are: ‘A room of ones own’ Virginia Woolfe ‘Oranges are not the only fruit’ Jeanette Winterson, and ‘Jane Eyre’ Charlotte Brontë. Be inspired, never be bored.
 The 1950s were awash with fun patterns and novelty prints, and 'The Jane' skirts play homage to that. Made from stretch cotton with a fused waistband, the skirts boast pockets and a metal zip. The designs are fun, flirty and just on the right side of bonkers...Just.
And well, this has probably nothing to do with our Brontës. But, we it seems fair to, after women's fashion it's men's turn:

Whills & Gunn - Bronte Tote
At W.G. Trunk Co.
This basic tote by Whillas & Gunn is your go-to kick around bag. Carry a laptop and some books through customs or fill it with fruit and vegetables on the way home from the office. Although it is made from a rugged cotton twill it is also lightweight which allows you to pack it into you suitcase or backpack when it's not needed.


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