Thursday, September 04, 2014

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A new production of the 1991 Christina Calvit Jane Eyre adaptation in Chicago begins previews today, September 5:
Jane EyreBased on the classic romance by Charlotte Brontë
Adapted by Christina Calvit
Directed by Dorothy Milne

CastAnu Bhatt (Jane Eyre)
John Henry Roberts (Edward Rochester)
Heather Currie (Mrs. Fairfax, Lady Ingram, Hannah)
LaNisa Frederick (Grace Poole, Amy Eshton, Mary Rivers)
Ada Grey (Adèle)
Maya Lou Hlava (Helen)
Anthony Kayer (Brocklehurst, Dr. Carter, Rev. Wood, Porter)
Jhenai Mootz (Bertha, Blanche)
Kyra Morris (Mrs. Reed, Mary Ingram, Diana Rivers)
Joshua Moaney (Richard Mason, St. John Rivers)

Rest of Cast and Crew
Lifeline Theatre
September 5 – October 26, 2014
$20 Previews: Sep 5-14 (Fri at 7:30pm, Sat at 8pm, Sun at 4pm)
Regular Run: Sep 18-Oct 26 (Thu & Fri at 7:30pm, Sat at 4pm & 8pm, Sun at 4pm)

After a troubled childhood, Jane Eyre searches for new purpose as a governess at Thornfield Hall. But a fragile peace gives way to turbulent passion when she meets Mr. Rochester, a man concealing a dark secret. Their unconventional relationship leads to a terrible revelation, and Jane must forge a new future from the ashes of her ravaged dreams. As she struggles to free herself from the ghosts of her past, Jane realizes that her only hope is to find love on her own terms. A highly theatrical exploration of one woman’s independent spirit in a beloved adaptation based on the classic 1847 novel by Charlotte Brontë.


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