Saturday, July 05, 2014

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1. In a bizarre exchange of interests, this weekend we have the very French Tour de France  in Yorkshire and a Wuthering Heights in lingerie (quite literally) in Paris:
InterfilièrePorte de Versailles, Paris, July  5-7
The leading international intimates, swimwear and performance sourcing and fabrics platforms.

Espace Star Fibres

The macro-trend is defined as "EVEolution" a newly emerging and complex woman whose interests span high pressured business and career to the arts, travel, sport and comforting pastimes such as baking and knitting. The trends devised by event organisers Eurovet and a team if industry specialists range from a fresh and sporty palette to the highly complex, multi-layered dark brooding times we have seen evolve over time.
Wuthering Heights: for the emotionally complex new woman, again layers of texture, depth and opulent colours but this time on the darker side, dark golds, purples, blues and greens that veer towards black. This is a luxurious, textural, multilayered trend yet without the ostentatiousness of the Bloomsbury trend. (Elizia Volkmann in Knitting Industry)
2. Many, many miles from Paris, in El Paso (Texas), there will be a chance today to see Wuthering Heights 1939:
The Film Salon will screen and review the 1939 William Wyler film at 7:30 p.m. July 5 at Trinity-First United Methodist Church, 801 N. Mesa. Free. (El Paso Times)


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