Thursday, June 12, 2014

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A couple of Willis Hall's Jane Eyre productions open today, June 12:

1. In Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire:
Tread The Boards Theatre Group presents
Jane Eyre
adapted by Willis Hall
Chrysalis Theatre
June 12, 13 and 14 at 7.30 pm

Amongst the many great novels of the mid-nineteenth century, Jane Eyre has been a constant popular favourite and Jane has become one of the outstanding romantic heroines of British, if not World, literature. The romantic story of the penniless, orphaned Jane has been recreated on film and television, and now Willis Hall has produced what is probably the most complete adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s novel for the stage.
In a series of linked, atmospheric, scenes we follow Jane’s story from her ill treatment in the family of her rich and heartless relatives through to the hardships of her life at Lowood School. On her deliverance from Lowood, Jane acquires the position of Governess to the ward of Edward Rochester at Thornfield Hall, and we see her subsequent passionate romance with Rochester, her discovery of the dreadful secret, hidden in Thornfield’s attic, and her desperate flight away from Thornfield and Rochester. At the end we have one of the paramount happy endings, rare in Victorian literature, as Jane returns to the gutted Thornfield and the now blind and disabled Rochester.
Jane Eyre is rare in 19th century literature for its compassionate view of the relationship between Jane and the married Rochester, and even more so for the portrayal of Jane as a woman able to rise above her initial destitution and find ultimate happiness. Jane Eyre is truly classic love story for all ages.
2. In Writhlington, Radstock
Writhlington School Sixthform students present
Jane Eyre
by Willis Hall

Prospectus Theatre
12, 13 June at 7:30 pm
Working alongside award winning musical director Harry Burt, the students have composed a stunning musical soundtrack that enhances the emotional turmoil experienced by Jane and those who find themselves lost in her story.
Assistant director James Moore said: "This is a directed piece for our sixth form exams. We take great pride in our drama department and are proud to produce such exceptional theatre. Not only have our students captured the beauty of this classic story but they have also created a musical score that makes this contemporary masterpiece." (Somerset Guardian)


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