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Metro picks '25 of the best books ever written by women'. Among them is
12. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
Perhaps surprisingly, this was the only book somebody asked me not to include. But while some may be fed up of seeing it feature on must-read lists, the tale of Heathcliffe [sic] and Catherine still endures as one of literature’s most loved and tumultuous romances.
And the article ends with the following:
Of course this list is far from exhaustive. Emily Brontë but no Charlotte? Where’s Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca? No Malorie Blackman? We have only picked out 25 books, but there are many, many more out there.
On the other hand, it is Jane Eyre that the Belfast Telegraph includes on a list of 'must-read novels for bringing teens to book'.
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë – from the confines of her miserable childhood in Gateshead Hall to marrying her Mr Right, the gloomy, would-be-polygamous Edward Rochester, at Thornfield, Jane manages to stay incredibly upbeat as she grows into a woman. Along the way she learns from virtuous school friend Helen how to turn the other cheek. (Kate Whiting)
Does she really?

Chortle looks at what's coming in the second season of Psychobitches.
With the second series still being edited, Dyson promises more 'all singing, all dancing' scenes than before as the historical figures unload their psychological problems on to Rebecca Front's therapist. These routines include the return of Katy Brand leading the Brontë sisters as bawdy, little singing dolls. (Jay Richardson)
Herald (Scotland) reports the death of Dr Hilda D Spear, who
produced numerous studies of the works of writers including EM Forster, DH Lawrence and John Fowles although her most popular proved to be her Macmillan Master Guide to Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. 
NY Mag's The Cut features fashion designer duo Shane Gabier and Chris Peters, who
give their collections names like Hail Hyperborea, reference Wuthering Heights and manga in one fell swoop, and mix lamé with housedress-y florals. (Véronique Hyland)
A Pugly Life posts about Agnes Grey. Abanico de libros writes in Spanish about Jane Eyre and I've Read That posts about Margot Livesey's The Flight of Gemma Hardy. K.M Weiland presents the upcoming Jane Eyre Writer's Digest Annotated edition.


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