Monday, June 23, 2014

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A columnist from The Boar is reading Anna Karenina this summer:
I’ve spent the last three years reading Victorian poetry, Victorian novels, Victorian articles, all based in England. I love the Victorian era, but after a while the repetition of Brontë’s [sic], Austen and Gaskell (then repeat) has become tired. Now that I have the time and energy to explore the literary worlds apart from those that I’m studying, I want to see what writers away from England were doing in a time that has always fascinated me. It may not be the lightest summer read, but out of my huge list of ‘books to read post-graduation’, it stood out. I can’t wait to get stuck in. (Katherine Price)
My Scattered Thoughts imagines a hobby for Charlotte Brontë. And remember that Miss Bohemia is giving away Wuthering Heights apparel and accessories. Blooming Wig and Bubblenews post about Jane Eyre.

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