Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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More Brontë alerts for today February 26:

1. In Glasgow:
Glasgow Film Festival
Wuthering HeightsWed 26 Feb GFT 1

Nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor, William Wyler's celebrated version of the Emily Brontë classic captures all the wild romantic spirit and gothic melodrama of the novel. A stranger's visit to the gloomy, grief-laden Wuthering Heights is what prompts a telling of the doomed romance between fickle, haughty Cathy and the brooding, darkly handsome Heathcliff who grows to love her with a passion that overwhelms them both. Laurence Olivier is a memorable Heathcliff and Merle Oberon gives the performance of her career as Cathy. The brilliant cinematography by Gregg Toland deservedly won the film's only Oscar.
2. In Oakton, IL:
Oakton Great Books ClubJane EyrePlease join us on Wednesday February 26, 2014 when we discuss Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.  We will meet at 11:30 a.m.  in room 2140.
3. At the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth:
Wednesday 26th February 11am - 4pm
Parsonage Puppet Pets
Create your own little animal finger puppet. Maybe you'd like to make a Parsonage pet like Keeper the dog, or pet of your own, or even make up your own fantasy animal. Whether it's an elephant or a mouse, all pets here are finger sized!
Thursday 27th February 11am - 4pm
Animal Writes!
The Brontës loved animals. They always kept pets, and Emily especially loved wild animals too. Find out more about how animals feature in the Brontës’ works with local writer, Beth Cunningham. Join her for a simple, fun writing activity, and bring animals to life on the page.


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