Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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An interesting initiative by the British Library:
Feeling philanthropic? Adopt a book for Christmas
The British Library has come up with an ingenious new scheme which enables everyman philanthropy. For £25, you can adopt Jane Eyre, Little Women, Bleak House, and others (14 titles in total). Your donation will go towards conservation work. (Arifa Akbar in The Independent)
Adopt your favourite book and you care for a million others

As a working library, keeping our collections in a suitable condition for readers is a top priority. Every year our dedicated team of conservators treat over 1,800 items. Books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, stamps, works of art on paper – all receive our care.

Adopt a Book:
  • Your donation directly contributes to our conservation work.
  • You help young conservators to learn intricate skills.
  • You fund new technology to help us better conserve items.
  • You keep British Library books on the shelves.
Adopt a Book at £25. Donate £25 to our conservation work and:

Select from a range of 14 well-loved book titles
Receive a delightful book-jacket gift card as a keepsake or to personalise and send to your adoptee.
Download a personalised Adopt a Book certificate and email it to your adoptee.
How to Adopt a Book
Simply choose your book and complete the online form, including your payment of £25. You can also Adopt a Book and select a gift card when you visit the British Library shop.

One of the books that can be adopted is Jane Eyre.


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