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We have seen many Wuthering Heights adaptations: film, theatre, classic ballet, opera, musical... As far as we know this is the first time Emily Brontë's opera has been turned into a flamenco choreography. The creator of the choreography and alma mater of the project is Fabiana La Tani, who leads the Ballet Andalucia, a French company doing Spanish classic flamenco (not global enough? Fabiana La Tani was born in Argentina, by the way).The production was premiered last June 8 in St Etienne. It was later performed in Lyon (September 21) and in October 12 in Neuville-sur-Saône but will be performed again  next November 23 at the Théâtre des Copiaus in Chagny.
Les Hauts de Hurlevent
Ballet flamenco et classique espagnol
Création et chorégraphie.Fabiana La Tani
Music:  traditional flamenco, Jesús del Rosario, Chaslin, Massenet, Tchaikovsky...

Ballet Andalucía and Centre de Danse Helyette David.
Le Progrès reviews the premiere in Neuville. And there are lots of pictures to be be found on the creator's Facebook.

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  1. Actually "Chaslin" is casually mentionned, but that's the composer of a "Wuthering Heights" entire opera! Starting to be quite famous now (star soprano Diana Damrau recording an aria from that opera, see here: