Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Keighley News insists on the bad condition of the Old School Room in Haworth quoting John Collinson from Brontë Spirit saying:
“The building is seriously at risk because the roof is on its last legs,” he said. “It must be repaired within the next couple of winters – that’s how bad it is.
“We’re having to chase leaks around – as soon as we deal with one bit of the roof, it starts leaking somewhere else. We have a dehumidifier in there and we spend what we can to keep the water out.
“I’m very pleased we’ve received grants from English Heritage and Bradford Council, but we’re still only keeping the building going on a hope and a prayer.”
Sitcoms Online highlights a tweet by the actress Patricia Heaton:
Pick of the Tweets: "I love that you can watch TV while you iron (yesterday it was Jane Eyre) and not feel like a couch potato." (July 16, 2013)
Feministing interviews Sara Seager, Professor of Planetary Science and Physics at MIT, recent winner of a 2013 MacArthur Fellowship and Brontëite:
I like people who are on the frontier of whatever they did. And one of my favorite books is Jane Eyre, and if I had to pick another hero, I’d say its author, Charlotte Brontë. She was some unknown obscure person, doing her own little thing, and she wrote one of the most brilliant novels in the history of humankind. And did you know that — haha well I’m not into romance fiction, her book is what Gothic literature and romantic fiction is all based on? She started the trend. The fact that someone with a great idea and a brilliant communications style who would succeed just on their own merit, not because someone pushed them along or favorite them, that’s the kind of thing that I like. Charlotte Brontë was ahead of her time, she had proto-feminism in there. (Interview by Suzanna Bobadilla)
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden) mentions the Brontës when talking about literary pseudonyms:
Även systrarna Charlotte, Emily och Anne Brontë ville vara mer än ”bara” kvinnor, därför gjorde de i början av sin karriär om sig till brödratrion Currer, Ellis och Acton Bell. (Translate) (Annina Rabe)
Prensa Libre (in Spanish) is a perfect example of how a story can be mixed, changed and be unrecognisable from its original source. Look at this:
En la historia quedará ya como algo inédito la imagen de la inglesa Charlotte Brönte (sic) (1816-1855), escondiendo el manuscrito de Jane Eyre para ponerse a la tarea de pelar papas y, como ella, sus hermanas Emily (1818-1849) y Anne (1820-1849) tuvieron que esconderse bajo pseudónimos masculinos. (Translation)
URieLaRtE (in Spanish) posts about Jane Eyre.


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