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Several Spanish news outlets announce the death of the Spanish actress Amparo Soler Leal (1933-2013). None of them, though, mention that in her prolific and brilliant career she impersonated no other than Emily Brontë on a TV Spanish 70s show. The name of the show was Los Libros and it was devoted to several masterpieces of the Spanish and universal literature. On May 21, 1974 the episode "En la vida y en la muerte" (In life and in death) was broadcast. It was devoted to Wuthering Heights. Apparently (we have been unable to trace any copy it is available here), Amparo Soler Leal played Emily Brontë and Jack Taylor was Branwell Brontë (it was even suggested an incestous relationship between them). The episode also included some dramatized scenes from Wuthering Heights where Charo López played Catherine and Carlos Ballesteros was Heathcliff. These are the details:
En la Vida y en la Muerte
Directed by Alfonso Ungría
Writer: Salvador Maldonado
With Amparo Soler Leal, Jack Taylor, Antonio Casas, Yelena Samarina, Nelida Quiroga, Charo López, Carlos Ballesteros
Sources and more information:
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