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Do you feel like going to a cocktail party today?
Tequila Mockingbird
Cocktails with a Literary Twist
by Tim Federle, Lauren Mortimer (Illustrator)
Apr 23, 2013
ISBN: 9780762448654
Published by Running Press

A clever tribute to literature, Tequila Mockingbird is the cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Combining beloved classic novels with witty humor and delicious drink recipes, some of the charming recipes include Vermouth the Bell Tolls, Gin Eyre, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita, Bridget Jones’s Daiquiri, and more. Accompanying the 65 cocktail recipes are a list of tools and techniques, a spirits glossary, and a handful of drinking games and bar bites, making this cocktail book both fun and functional. With a special cover designed to look like a classic novel, whimsical illustrations, and a two-color design throughout, Tequila Mockingbird is a one-of-a-kind cocktail book.

Gin Eyre

8 sprigs fresh mint, washed  
2 ounces English gin  
1 ounce lemon juice  
1½ teaspoons granulated sugar  
2 dashes orange bitter

Add the ingredients to a shaker with ice, with bonus points if you tear the mint leaves first. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Now nurse that drink like a good nanny.

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