Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Jolien Janzing's Brontës-in-Brussels novel De Meester - De geheime liefde van Charlotte Brontë in het 19de-eeuwse Brussel will be published in the Netherlands next May 2, 2003. But it seems that the novel has already attracted enough attention to be one of the ten chosen ones to be presented at the Books at Berlinale 2013:

"Books at Berlinale" intends to bring the publishing and film worlds closer together.

At the “Books at Berlinale” breakfast on the third day of the Berlinale Co-Production Market, organised in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair, around ten selected novels are presented to an audience of around 120 internationally established producers in a pitching event. The selected projects are also published in the “Books at Berlinale” catalogue handed out to all attending producers.

The book presentation is moderated and the respective rights holders (publishers/literary agents) are introduced to the audience. The presentation is followed by a casual breakfast during which contacts to interested producers can be established. Each publisher/agent has their own table and can be approached directly by the producers.

The selected books are usually new releases, partly yet to be published, which guarantee the producers a very exclusive opportunity to secure film rights.

- The Master (Jolien Janzing), De Arbeiderspers, The Netherlands


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