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CSA Word releases the Brontë Collection, containing abridged versions of several Brontë novels:
Brontë Collection
8CDs / 10Hrs / abridged
ISBN: 9781906147518

WUTHERING HEIGHTS (2CDs) – EMILY BRONTË – Read by Hannah Gordon -
The story of a doomed and dangerous love, Emily Brontë’s only novel is a wind-swept journey across the moors into the bitter world of Heathcliffe. A Liverpool foundling brought to Wuthering Heights as a child, Heathcliffe is consumed by a life-long obsession with Cathy, the daughter of his adoptive family. Wuthering Heights is an arresting insight into an insular world consumed by fear, hatred and loss. It also asks whether any hope will dare to bloom in such a barren and adverse environment. Moody, atmospheric and beautiful.

THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL (2CDs) – ANNE BRONTË – Read by Carole Boyd & David Rintoul -
Anne’s novel is the story of the young and captivating Helen Graham, who comes to live at Wildfell Hall in a shroud of mystery. No one knows where she has come from or what secrets she is hiding. Gilbert Markham, a young farmer, is infatuated by her. After he argues with her landlord, he sets out to ask her some questions, finding curious and unexpected answers.

JANE EYRE (2CDs) – CHARLOTTE BRONTË – Read by Carole Boyd -
The inspiration for numerous movie, television and stage adaptations, Jane Eyre is Charlotte’s most famous novel and is firmly established in the literary canon. Jane, an orphan maltreated throughout her childhood, goes to work for Mr. Rochester and realizes she has feelings for him after seeing his tender side. However, there are complications in store, not least the strange mystery of the noises from the attic, and who or what could be making them…

VILLETTE (2CDs) – CHARLOTTE BRONTË – Read by Carole Boyd -
Based on Charlotte’s experiences as a governess in Brussels, Villette follows Lucy Snowe, an English girl who obtains a post at a girls’ school in Belgium. Lucy proves herself diligent and reliable, although she has few friends and little money. After being unlucky in love, Lucy concentrates on her work. Unexpectedly, she catches the eye of a disagreeable, solitary and unlikely suitor.
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