Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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The San Diego Union Tribune reports yet another cover version of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. This time it's the Dutch singer Birgit performing it.
She does a cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights." Surprisingly, Birgit and her mysteriously powerful voice pull it off.
My San Antonio features an article on Firefly actress Summer Glau, who looks like she could be a Brontëite, despite her sci-fi background.
Why does she think she's been cast in so many sci-fi and fantasy projects? (She got her start in "Angel," and aside from the subsequent Joss Whedon productions, she's appeared in a recurring role on USA Network's "The 4400" and in the supernatural ABC Family movie "The Initiation of Sarah.")
She laughed and said she didn't know; she really wanted to do period pieces, she said, and play Jane Eyre. However, she's always been attracted to fantasy because of her over-active imagination and has read tons of books in the genre, starting with those by C.S. Lewis. (Jeanne Jakle)
And Medlar Comfits talks about Norilana books in general and their edition of Villette in particular.

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