Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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Some days ago, we informed that Charles Sturridge was the new director for Brontë, the biopic project written by Angela Workman and produced by AMC Pictures.

On the AMC website there are some news about the production. First a date:
Brontë principal photography to commence on 28th August 2007
Next a tag line:
Four Children, Three Geniuses, One Family
And finally, some new names... and some previous ones that seem to have disappeared. Almost a year ago it was announced that Nathalie Press and Emily Barclay were the chosen actresses to play Emily and Anne Brontë, respectively. Well, now they seem to have been replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village, Manderlay, The Lady in the Water, Spiderman 3) and Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, The Missing) (!):
Directed by
Charles Sturridge

Writing credits
Angela Workman
Charles Sturridge

Alistair MacLean-Clark
Basil Stephens

Michelle Williams
Bryce Dallas Howard
Evan Rachel Wood
Brian Cox
Jonathan Rhys Myers

We also notice the absence of Hugh Dancy and Ben Chaplin and the fact that now Angela Workman shares the writing credits with Charles Sturridge.

The imdb website doesn't show any of these changes. But the fact that the information appears on the producers's website gives credibility to the news, but you never know...



  1. Oh no, not Nathalie Press! Why leave her out? One of the most promising UK actresses around. Emily Blunt seems to have all the luck (and a decent agent) since their My Summer Of Love days.

    Very disappointed indeed!

  2. The project is being delyaed time and time again, and actors' scheduales are always so tight that I guess some just can't fit it into theirs any more. It truly is a shame.

    Do you mean Emily Barclay by Emily Blunt?

    I do wonder, though, how the final version will compare to the initial one - not any of the drafts, but the one we reported as 'final' and ready to be shot months ago.

  3. Good point Bronteblog.

    I mean Emily Blunt, her co-star in My Summer Of Love:

  4. Oh, I see, thanks for making it clear. Excuse the confusion - I haven't seen My summer of Love.

  5. Unfortunately, this movie never happened... it would have been great though.