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LAist interviews artist/illustrator Dame Darcy. When asked about her latest project she replies:

Also, I am making Dame Darcy.com into a Meat Cake wonderland of multi media extravaganza while preparing for Putnam Penguin to release my new book, The Illustrated Jane Eyre, this fall.

We were very intrigued by the mention of this project so we went and did our homework and found a few illustrations (the cover among them, as you can see) and a little more info:

Charlotte Brontë’s sweeping Victorian romance is reborn through the striking illustrations of the inimitable Dame Darcy.

A devoted readership will recognize Dame Darcy as the creator of highly original and off-kilter comic books. Here she uses her lavishly detailed illustrations to bring the best-loved Victorian novel Jane Eyre back into the spotlight. Darkly elegant illustrations draw back the novel’s curtain,
revealing the depths of human depravity, despair, and ultimate redemption. Sure to impress traditional fans and newcomers alike, The Illustrated Jane Eyre updates the classic for a new era.

It will see the light next September and these are the details:

$21.95 ($29.00 CAN)
Illustrated Classics
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 pb 576 pp.
Full-color and b&w illustrations throughout

We will certainly be watching out for this project!

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