Saturday, February 11, 2006

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Jane Eyre is also the hidden guest star in the new book by Lucy Ellman Doctors & Nurses published this month by Bloomsbury.

The Guardian publishes a review in which her influence seems to be present in many aspects of the novel:

Jen, our anti-heroine, is a fantastically obese, sexually voracious, compulsively murderous nurse who has taken a new job in a "rural backwater". (...)
But what are those strange noises coming from the upper floors? Why is evil receptionist Francine behaving so oddly? And why does everyone seem to be reading Jane Eyre?
Sure enough, there's a madwoman in the attic, and Jen's wedding day humiliation is beyond anything even she could have imagined. She hops on the first train north, where she happens to meet a naked rambler and discovers, for the first time, a liberation from body hatred.

Does this sound familiar?

The reviewer, Patrick Ness, also adds in order to make things clear:

Indeed, in its delightfully ranting tone and extreme sexual frankness, this often seems more like a lacerating riposte to Portnoy's Complaint than an incensed retelling of Jane Eyre.

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