Wednesday, September 04, 2019

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The Hollywood News has a list of 'Favourite On-Screen Political Power Couples', including
Definitely, Maybe (2008) – Will Hayes & April Hoffman
In the midst of a divorce, political operative Will finds himself recounting the story of how he and his soon-to-be ex-wife met, to his inquisitive daughter Maya. Will decides to change the names and some of the facts to create an ora of mystery, while Maya is left guessing which of the women will turn out to be her mother. Throughout his recounting of his past relationships, Maya (and a copy of Jane Eyre) help Will realise that he has been in love with one of the women in his story, April, all along. They go to April’s apartment where Will tells her that he has kept Jane Eyre because it was the only thing he had left of her (revealing in doing so that he still loves her). April hugs Will as they walk hand-in-hand with Maya into her building to hear the story. As Maya walks upstairs, April embraces Will (subsequently revealing that she loves him too) and they kiss.
Smart Bitches Trashy Books reviews Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore.
My God, Annabelle, what does it take to make you happy? A man who bickers in Latin is nothing to sneeze at! Bronte-types like Montgomery are exhausting! Go for the professor! (Carrie S)
Il Sussi Diario (Italy) reviews Paola Tonussi's biography of Emily Brontë.
Ne stende ora un accuratissimo ritratto l’anglista Paola Tonussi, frutto di vent’anni di studi appassionati e rigorosi: Emily Brontë, edito da Salerno, da poco in libreria. Scrivere di Emily vuol dire scrivere di tutta la famiglia Brontë: dal padre, vicario perpetuo del villaggio; dalle sorelle, anch’esse scrittrici: Charlotte – autrice del famoso romanzo Jane Eyre; Anne, a cui si deve il meno riuscito Agnes Grey; all’unico fratello Branwell, brillante e dissipato, che prestò qualche tratto a Heathcliff. Come intuì Marina Cvetaeva, con i fratelli la geniale Emily creò “un arcipelago di cuori”, un unicum affettivo e artistico. (Carlo Bortolozzo) (Translation)
Le Figaro Étudiant (France) recommends the manga versions of classic novels such as
Jane Eyre, d’après Charlotte Brontë
Orpheline, la jeune Jane Eyre est recueillie par sa tante. Malheureusement pour elle, cette dernière ne la supporte pas et lui fait subir de nombreux sévices, jusqu’à la placer en internat, où l’adolescente apprendra le métier de préceptrice. Un métier qui la conduit à entrer au service d’un riche propriétaire, monsieur Rochester, un personnage singulier dont elle finit par tomber amoureuses.
L’histoire malheureuse de notre héroïne est à l’image de celle de son auteur, Charlotte Brontë, elle aussi orpheline. Les femmes n’étant pas considérées capables à l’époque de devenir écrivain, ce fut sous un pseudonyme masculin qu’elle connut le succès avec ce roman qui, montrant la réalité de la vie d’une gouvernante, apparaît comme résolument féministe. (Baptiste Legout) (Translation)


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