Monday, September 09, 2019

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Black Clock Audio Tales is "a daily spooky, folklore, gothic horror, sci-fi, fantasy, weird fiction, ct...' podcast which is devoting September to the Brontës:
Black Clock Audio Tales is a daily podcast that reads you a story. Either a chapter of novel, or a whole short story.
Join us in our exploration of old ghost stories, supernatural fiction, horror tales, folk tales, fantasy, gothic horror, weird fiction, and cosmic horror. And dent forget to join us for our monthly show about the Cthulhu Mythos
Remember, it’s September and it’s Brontë Bronty Bronti month. Check out Dave’s Corner of the Universe every Last Tuesday of the month part of our monthly Cthulhu Mythos and other weirdness episodes.
These are the episodes so far:

BCAT 229: Jane Eyre 1
BCAT 230: Jane Eyre 2
BCAT 231: Jane Eyre 3
BCAT 232: Jane Eyre 4
BCAT 233: Jane Eyre 5
BCAT 234: Jane Eyre 6
BCAT 235: Jane Eyre 7
BCAT 236: Jane Eyre 8
BCAT Special: Jane Eyre part 1 (with Dr. Andrew Grace)


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