Sunday, August 25, 2019

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A Shakespeare reading club in Mumbai Mirror:
Now [Bubla] Basu is fielding requests to teach other texts, including Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. Shakespeare, however, will remain at the heart of her work. “Shakespeare grows with you; it grew with me,” says Basu. “Shakespeare is riveting, Shakespeare is Shakespeare.” (Bhavya Dore)
Multimedia distractions in The Straits Times:
My books sit quietly, but Netflix messages me insistently. "Netflix tonight?" said Thursday's nagging e-mail. I'm pathetic, I actually peeked. Jane Eyre? Seriously? But if not the movies then I'm e-mailing after work, rifling through texts, skating through the possible benefits of owning Greenland. Am I smarter for all this? Of course not. More informed is not the same as well-informed, says my friend Mihir sagely, and then returns to iTunes. (Rohit Brijnath)
Revisiting the classics in The Gleaner (Jamaica):
In some ways, Anton Nimblett, author of the seventeen short stories in Now/After, is reminiscent of Jean Rhys. There are at least four stories – ‘Perseverance Village’, ‘Something Promised’, ‘In This Night Air’ and ‘Spouter Inn’ – where we see the fan, who is also the author, telling the backstories of novels that have served as influences and influencers of his art.
Like Rhys, who, through Wide Sargasso Sea, tells the backstory of Bertha in Jane Eyre, Nimblett further develops Ishmael in Moby Dick. (Ann-Margaret Lim)
Shemazing recommends How to Fail by Elizabeth Day:
Brooklyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Wuthering Heights are up their with my all time favourites, but it is one of my most recent reads that completely changed the way I think about my life.
That book is How To Fail by journalist Elizabeth Day. (Kat O'Connor)
Superguida (Italy) and other websites anounce that Jane Eyre 2011 is on Paramount Network Italy tonight (21.15 h). My Interdimensional Chaos reviews the recent Jane Eyre Manga adaptation. Bookstr lists several Wuthering Heights memes.


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